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Raya Fiesta Berganda Contest

Raya Fiesta Berganda Contest, only spend RM20 on participating products and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes up to RM10,000! And there are 416 prizes in total!!!

  1. Prizes (total of 416 prizes):
    • 5 main prizes of RM10,000
    • 21 special prizes of RM1,000
    • 30 weekly prizes of RM100 each week (for 13 weeks)
  2. Contest mechanism:
    • Buy RM20 from any of the participating Lam Soon products in one receipt (Antabax, bio-home, Orchid, Labour, Fruitale, Zip & May)
    • Name any three Lam Soon brands that are participating this contest
    • Whatsapp your entry to +6012.526.3391 by including your <Full name, IC number and your answer>. Attach entry with a photo of the receipt for verification purposes.
      • Example: Ahmed Ibrahim, 920301170751, Antabax/ bio-home/ Orchid
  3. Contest Terms & Conditions:


Start Date:

2 April, 2018

End Date:

2 July, 2018

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