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(Contest has ended) 只需花RM300,便可获得“稳赢”红包一封。Spend RM300 and get a "Sure Win" Ang Pow
Harvey Norman 稳赢!稳幸运有奖活动!Harvey Norman Sure Win! Sure Lucky Contest!

Participation Info 参加信息:



  1. 店内直接购物
  2. 网上购物便选择店内领取

Spend RM300 above and you'll receive a "Sure Win" Ang Pow, Spending above RM1000 you'll get more cash vouchers.

Contestant must spend the RM300 above in a single receipt, in one of the methods below:

  1. In-Store Purchases
  2. Online purchase and choose pick up in store



Bonuses for spending above RM1000! Only applicable within the 5 days stated below!

Prize Info 奖项信息:


Scratch the "Sure Win" red envelope entry ticket to win a total prize of RM168,888!

Terms and conditions 条款和条件:

For detailed terms and conditions visit the official site.

from official site.




Start Date:

20 January, 2018

End Date:

16 February, 2018

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