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(Contest has ended) 晒恩爱,赢金币!Share your love, win gold coin!
用持久的玫瑰花说“我爱你”吧!Say “I Love You” with roses that will last longer than just a day!

Participation Info 参加信息:


  1. 在评论部分,告诉我们为什么你的爱人是你的#VelocityValentine!你也可以选择分享照片。
  2. 在您的评论中加入 #VelocityValentine#SunwayVelocityMall#AcleculateOfLegacies
  3. 喜欢和分享这个职位,并将你的职位设置为公开


To be one of the 88 lucky winners:

  1. In the comments section, tell us why your loved one is your #VelocityValentine! You can choose to share a photo too.
  2. Include #VelocityValentine, #SunwayVelocityMall and#ACelebrationOfLegacies in your comment
  3. Like and share this post and set your post as public

Prize Info 奖项信息:

#SunwayVelocityMall赠送情人节88盒Velocity 999 PURE GOLD COIN *和盆栽玫瑰植物

*参加者只有在2018年2月10日在Sunway Velocity Mall兑换奖品的情况下才能赢得速力宝999纯金币。


#SunwayVelocityMall is giving away 88 boxes of Velocity 999 PURE GOLD COIN* and potted Rose plants for Valentine’s Day

*Participants are only eligible to win the Velocity 999 Pure Gold Coin should they redeem the prize at Sunway Velocity Mall on 10th February 2018 ONLY.

Terms and conditions 条款和条件:

For full terms and conditions visit the official site.

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Start Date:

26 January, 2018

End Date:

7 February, 2018

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