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(Contest has ended) 赢取马尔代夫双人旅游配套! Win Maldives Travel Package for 2!
使用您的B Infinite 卡片或 B co-branded Infinite 卡片进行交易,便可获取参赛机会并赢取大奖!


Participation Info 参加信息:


  • B Infinite 会员花费或赎回任何交易参与商户/通过移动应用程序(全部/部分)获得1项。任何花费或赎回(全部/部分)在7-Eleven网点进行的交易有权获得3倍的条目。此外,任何花费或赎回(全部/部分)在Caltex执行的交易将有权获得5倍的条目。
  • 参赛机会越多,赢得奖品的机会就越大(一等奖/二等奖/三等奖/安慰奖)。
  • B Infinite 会员可以参加每月的活动以赚取额外的参赛费并有机会赢取每月BPoints赠品。
  • 每笔支出和兑换交易参加机会,以及来自该账户的额外参加机会每月活动将在活动结束时累计。
  • 在Caltex欢乐时光,B无限会员还将在Caltex站获得2个B积分
    • 欢乐时光 - 每周一到周五下午1点到5点,比赛期间期。
  • 参赛者必须遵守可能被通报的比赛机制并在比赛期间由主办方告知参赛者期。

* RM3 @ 7-Eleven的每一笔消费都将获得1 B点。购买烟草,烟草相关配件,店内服务和重新购买在7-Eleven无权参加比赛和B积分。

*每1升汽油@Caltex 加油站将获得 1 B点


  • B Infinite members to spend or redeem any transaction at any of the participating merchant outlets / via mobile app (full/partial) to get 1 entry. Any spend or redeem (full/partial) transaction performed at 7-Eleven outlets will entitle to receive 3x entries. In addition, any spend or redeem (full/partial) transaction performed at Caltex stations will entitle to receive 5x entries.
  • The more entries, the higher the chance to win prizes (first prize/second prize/third prize/consolation prize).
  • B Infinite members can participate in the monthly activity to earn extra entries and stand a chance to win in the monthly BPoints giveaway.
  • Every spending and redemption transaction entries, and extra entries from the monthly activity will be accumulated by end of the campaign.
  • B Infinite members will also entitle 2x BPoints at Caltex station during Caltex Happy Hour – every Monday to Friday, 1pm to 5pm, during the contest period.
  • The contestants must adhere to the mechanism of the contest as may be briefed and communicated to the contestants by the Organiser during the contest period.

* For every spending of RM3 @ 7-Eleven outlet will entitle 1 BPoint. Purchases of tobacco, tobacco related accessories, in-store services and reload purchases at 7-Eleven are not entitled for contest entry and BPoints.

* For every 1 liter of petrol @ Caltex station will entitle 1 BPoint


若想参赛必须花费和赚取B点,或使用B Infinite 卡兑换至少100个B积分(全部/部分),可通过:

i)B Infinite 手机应用程序。


To participate in the Campaign, Eligible Person is required to spend and earn BPoints, or redeem a minimum of 100 BPoints (full/partial) via:

i) B Infinite Mobile App.

ii) Participating Merchants Outlets


参与商户 >> 看全部

Participating Merchants Outlets >> View all


温馨提示 (取自官方网页)
  1. 交易
  2. 拍张照片
  3. 在面子书上发布和标记 B Infinite的面子书
  1. 下载B Infinite 手机程序
  2. 兑换积分


BONUS TIPS (Taken From Official Site)
To get 20 entries 
  1. Make transaction
  2. Snap a photo
  3. Post & Tag on B Infinite Facebook
To get 30 entries 
  1. Download B Infinite mobile app
  2. Redeem any deals

Prize Info 奖项信息:

根据此处列出的其他条款和条件,每个B Infinite 会员将有资格在整个活动期间赢得最多一(1)个奖(如下所述)。

  • 一等奖 x 1:马尔代夫2人旅游配套
  • 二等奖 x 1:日本2人旅游配套
  • 三等奖 x 1:泰国2人旅游配套
  • 安慰奖 x 200:Caltex StarCash价值RM50
  • 每月参与奖金 每月x 200:2,000 B点

*Caltex JOURNEY™ 会员专享 - 如果会员被选为比赛一等奖,比赛二等奖和比赛三等奖,会员将有权额外获得5,000令吉现金作为额外奖品。

Subject to other terms and conditions set out herein, each B Infinite member will be eligible to win a maximum of one (1) prize (as described below) throughout the Campaign Period.

  • First Prize x 1: Holiday package to Maldives for 2
  • Second Prize x 1: Holiday package to Japan for 2
  • Third Prize x 1: Holiday package to Thailand for 2
  • Consolation Prizes x 200: Caltex StarCash worth RM50
  • Monthly Engagement Prizes x 200 Per Month: 2,000 BPoints

* Exclusive for Caltex JOURNEY™ members – should the member be selected as the Contest First Prize, Contest Second Prize and Contest Third Prize, the member will be entitled to additional RM 5,000 in cash as additional prizes.

Terms and conditions 条款和条件:

For full terms and conditions visit the official site.

from source.




Start Date:

18 December, 2017

End Date:

18 March, 2018

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