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(Contest has ended) Be a badass with a good ass like Deadpool!

Want to get ripped and toned like Deadpool? Now you can! Get tickets to #MYDeadpool2 movie at MBO Cinemas and participate at now!

Participation Steps:
  1. Purchase a minimum of two (2) DEADPOOL 2 movie tickets at MBO cinema
  2. Answer a couple of simple questions on: contests link


  • GRAND PRIZE - 5 lucky winners - 2 years FREE Celebrity Fitness Malaysia memberships (Worth RM5,160 each).
  • FIRST PRIZE - 1 year FREE Celebrity Fitness Malaysia memberships (Worth RM2,580 each).
Terms and Conditions:

Please read more by click on the Action URL button

Start Date:

15 May, 2018

End Date:

5 June, 2018

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