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(Contest has ended) DearNestle 30-day Challenge

The DearNestle 30-day Challenge carries an important mission to stop the count of Malaysians suffering from high cholesterol, the No. 2 cardiovascular risk factor in Malaysians. Get health check and win Prizes!

1. Visit one NESTLE OMEGA PLUS roadshows and get your cholesterol checked. Click here for locations.

  • RM2 will be collected per check. All proceeds will be donated to IJN Foundation.
  • Personal details (Name, NRIC, mobile no.) will be required for verification purpose

2. Purchase RM15 worth of NESTLE OMEGA PLUS products.

3. Take a picture of both your cholesterol card (to be collected during roadshow) and your purchase receipt, and send them with your full name, NRIC number and mobile no. to either:

  2. or send an email to here, and get started on your challenge!

4. After 4 weeks, visit NESTLE OMEGA PLUS roadshow again and have your 2nd cholesterol check. cholesterol card and personal details will be required.

5. You can then complete your submission by taking a picture of your 2nd check result and submit via (a) or (b) method, following your choice of method for 1st submission.


Start Date:

1 April, 2018

End Date:

30 September, 2018

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