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(Contest has ended) Giant Nestle Cornflakes Contest

Contest: Buy Nestle Cornflakes product from Giant to win Gold from Habib

Participation Steps:

1. Purchase a minimum of RM15 worth of any Nestle Corn Flakes, Honey Gold and /or Nestum products in a single receipt from any Giant Peninsular Malaysia outlets from 26th April 2018 to 6th June 2018.


2. Provide a correct answer to the question below: -

Nestle Corn Flakes dan Mestum menjadikan biskut lebih ranggup dan lazat!

(A) Betul  (B) Salah


3. Submit via WhatsApp or SMS to +60122661391

     i. Key in required details and receipt number as follows:

          <Full Name, NRIC, Receipt Number, Answer>

          *Receipt number is located at the bottom of the original receipt

          Example: Mohamad Ali, 890917075113, Inv:10114, A

     ii. Retain the original proof of purchase (Giant receipt) for verification purposes if you have been selected as a winner.



Grant Prize: Habib Gold Jewels

2 x RM5000 Habib Jewels Voucher 

10 x RM1000 Habib Jewels Voucher 

100 x RM100 Giant Voucher 

Start Date:

26 April, 2018

End Date:

6 June, 2018

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