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(Contest has ended) LET'S GO GREEN! RECYCLE, EARN & WIN!

​In our effort to play a part in keeping our environment green and clean and preserve the earth for future generations, we encourage you to return Sunrider waste items to our stores and be rewarded. Each item returned will earn you points, it's that easy!

Participation Steps:

Bring in your Sunrider bottles/boxes/tins to recycle and earn points

  • Paper - 1 point
  • Plastic - 1 point
  • Metal - 2 point
  • Glass - 2 point
  1. Grand prize - RM300 worth of Sunrider products
  2. Second prize - RM200 worth of Sunrider products
  3. Third prize - RM100 worth of Sunrider products
  4. Consolation prize - RM80 worth of Sunrider products

Start Date:

15 April, 2018

End Date:

30 June, 2018

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