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(Contest has ended) NTV7 8度空间将送出总值RM9,000的IKEA 购物礼券!NTV7 8TV is giving away IKEA Vouchers worth RM9,000!!!

“旺得福时光”有奖竞赛详情 GoGoWonderful by 8TV and NTV7 Detailed Information

Participation Info 参加信息:




在此帖子留言处写下最让你难忘的(精彩的时刻)Wonderful Moment, 并且@标记3位亲朋好友



Step 1:
Like this FB Post.

Step 2:
Under the comments of the post, write down your most forgettable "Wonderful Moment" and @Tag 3 friends.

Step 3:
Share the post to your timeline (set to public)


Prize Info 奖项信息:

ntv7八度空间将送出总值RM9,000的 IKEA 购物礼券!!!!


ntv7 and 8TV are giving away IKEA Voucher worth RM9,000!!!!

Terms and conditions 条款和条件:

*ntv7与八度空间拥有最后的决定和修改权, 参赛者不得有任何异议。
*得奖者需到Sri Pentas办公室索取奖品。
*竞赛截止日期: 2月4日(星期日),晚上8点


* ntv7 and 8TV have the final decision and modification rights, the contestants shall not have any objection.
* The Lucky one will receive ntv7 and 8TV staff notice individually.
* Winners will need to go to Sri Pentas office to retrieve the prizes.
* Competition deadline: February 4 (Sunday), 8:00pm

Start Date:

2 February, 2018

End Date:

4 February, 2018

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