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(Contest has ended) Super Wang Senang

Participate in SUPER Wang Senang organized by SUPER Malaysia, purchase participating product and post is to dedicated address, prepare yourself to win plenty of cash!

Participation Steps:
  1. Participant must purchase any SUPER participating products (Super Coffee, Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee, Super Power, Super ESSENSO, Super Milk Tea and Super NutreMill Cereal) and with the contest sticker ‘SUPER WANG SENANG’
  2. Check the contest card you obtained:
    • If the card says "Thank you", mean you do not win anything.
    • If you received a prize card, you will stand a chance to win, so please make sure that you filled up all the personal details before sending the card to SUPER
      • Fill up personal details and answer a question in the card, and post the card to the address below:
        C-5-0, JALAN BK 5A/2B,
        47180 PUCHONG, SELANGOR


  • First Prize – RM500 x 40 Winner
  • Second Prize – RM200 x 100 Winner
  • Third Prize – RM100 x 300 Winner
  • Consolation Prize– RM50 x 600 Winner

Start Date:

1 March, 2018

End Date:

30 June, 2018

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