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(Contest has ended) UMobile Share & Win Cash
RM13,500 Worth of Prizes Up For Grabs

Share credit twice and stand a chance to win prizes worth RM13,500!

Participation Info 参加信息:

UMoble users will have to transfer credit using the CreditShare service (“CreditShare ”).
  • For Monthly Prizes have to transfer 12 times or more per month
  • For Weekly Prizes have to transfer 2 times or more per week
For more details about the exactly Monthly and Weekly period, please visit the official site.

Prize Info 奖项信息:

  1. One (1) monthly winner will be selected each month and will win RM2,500 cash prize.
  2. Ten (10) weekly winners will be selected each week and will win RM50 credit each.

Terms and conditions 条款和条件:

General Terms
  1. U Mobile’s decisions on any matter relating to this Contest are final and binding on all participants. If any matters arise which are not covered in these Terms and Conditions, they will be determined solely by U Mobile.
  2. U Mobile may change any of these Terms and Conditions including terminating or suspending this Contest and extending the Contest Period. Any such change, except for the selection sequence in clause 6(a), will be announced on our website. It is your responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions on our website and if you do not agree to any of the changes, you must immediately cease participation in the Contest.
  3. All prizes are accepted entirely at the risk of the participants. To the extent permitted by law, U Mobile excludes all liability in connection with this Contest. All participants and if the participants are below 18 years of age, their parents or guardians, agree to release U Mobile from and indemnify U Mobile against all liability (including negligence) for any personal injury or for loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct or indirect, special or consequential arising out of participation in this Contest.
  4. By participating in the Contest, all participants:-
    • consent for U Mobile to collect, record, hold, store, use and disclose their personal information for purposes which are necessary or related to the participation in the Contest; and
    • consent for U Mobile to disclose or publish their personal information such as their names and identities and any general information that U Mobile sees fit about the participants in any media, marketing or advertising materials; and
    • grant U Mobile the absolute and unrestricted right to modify, use and publish any still or moving images of the participants for any promotional, marketing, commercial or other related purpose, without any payment or compensation.
  5. The subscription and use of U Mobile’s Prepaid mobile services are subject to U Mobile’s standard Prepaid terms and condition and where applicable, these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency, U Mobile’s standard Prepaid terms and conditions, as the case may be, will apply to the extent of such inconsistency.
  6. The Contest and these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia. The participants agree that the Courts of Malaysia have jurisdiction over all matters arising from this Contest.
For more detailed terms and condition, please visits the official site.
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Start Date:

18 December, 2017

End Date:

11 March, 2018

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