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(Contest has ended) Maybank MyM2U Challenge

MyM2U Challenge is back with tonnes of prize giveaways! We’ve added a new Spin the Maybank App. Keep transacting on Maybank App & Web to accummulate points and boost yourselves to higher levels to earn even greater prizes.

Participation Steps:



Perform a variation of transactions on both Maybank2u website and Maybank app to accumulate points and boost yourselves to different levels!

Once you’ve reached a new level, you would unlock a SPIN on the Maybank App. Launch the app and spin your way to an assortment of amazing prizes.

You will also receive BONUS spins from time to time. Be sure to login to the Maybank App so that you may earn extra points to reach the next level.





Start Date:

3 November, 2018

End Date:

28 February, 2019

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