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Greetings friends! 😁 In this month of fasting, there’s nothing but positivity in the air! And that is why Captain Oats is here to give you yet another good news to delight your day! Be excited because Captain Oats is giving out a brand new 🌟Huawei P30 Pro and 🌟RM200 shopping vouchers!

  1. PURCHASE any Captain Oats Products worth a total of RM15 or more. Each receipt with RM15 worth of Captain Oats products is equivalent to 1 entry.
  2. Take a picture of the receipt as proof of your purchase.
  3. PM Captain Oats Facebook Page ( and send us your information as below & picture of the receipt(s):
    • Name-
    • Contact Number-
    • IC number-
    • Email Address-
  4. Make sure to Like Captain Oats Page. Now just wait for the good news!


Terms & Conditions

Start Date:

1 May, 2019

End Date:

10 June, 2019

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