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(Contest has ended) Sayangi Malaysiaku Popcorn Box Design Contest

Design our Popcorn Box with "Sayangi Malaysiaku" as the theme and upload your artwork on instagram with the hashtag #SayangiMalaysiakuGSC

Participation Steps:

Step 1: Download the GSC Popcorn Box Template here
Full size/dimension requirements/details please read below.

Step 2: Get creative with the Popcorn Box, capture & upload your work on Instagram with hashtag #SayangiMalaysiakuGSC

Grand Prize x 2 Winners
- 1 Year worth of GSC Movie Vouchers
- Designs to be featured on the GSC Popcorn Box for the month of August*

Consolation Prize x 5 Winners
- 1 Month worth of GSC Movie Vouchers


Start Date:

20 June, 2018

End Date:

4 July, 2018

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