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(Contest has ended) Send Money using DuitNow to win over RM3.6 million

Register for DuitNow and send money to unique mobile numbers and ID numbers every day to get contest entries

Participation Steps:


Everyone can participate in the Campaign by registering for DuitNow at their bank and every DuitNow sent to a unique DuitNow ID each day counts as one entry




1 RM100,000 Malaysia Airlines Dream Holiday

2 A total of RM1 million in Cash Prizes 

3 1 x Mercedes-Benz A 200 

4 5 x RM20,000 IKEA Gift Card

5 1 x Mercedes-Benz GLC 200

6 RM1 million Dream Home from the collection of IJM Land, Sime Darby Property or S P Setia 

Start Date:

8 January, 2019

End Date:

31 May, 2019

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