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(Contest has ended) Win Big with B Infinite Getcha Cachopon

More than 800 Prizes & 15 Million BPoints to be won with B Infinite Getcha Cachopon!

Participation Steps:
Step 1: Register your BCard at the Getcha Gachapon official microsite now!

Step 2: Be among the first 4,000 to spend a minimum cumulative of RM100 at any of our participating partners within a week.

Step 3: Get a unique Gachapon Token code via your registered email with B Infinite, within 4 working days.

Step 4: Log in to Getcha Gachapon microsite with your BCard number. Key in the unique Gachapon Token code to play and win exciting prizes!



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (x3)

Nintendo Switch (x3)

Apple Watch (x3)

RM50 Travel Voucher (x50)

RM10 Lazada Voucher (x100)

EM10 ZALORA Voucher (x100)

Tealive Beverage Token (x500)

RM5 Shopee Voucher (x44)

15 Mollion BPoint  in Total !!


Start Date:

3 December, 2018

End Date:

3 March, 2019

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