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(Contest has ended) Yeo's Cook, Snap & Win Contest

Participation Steps:


Step 1:

─ LIKE Yeo’s Food Malaysia Facebook Page:


Step 2:

─ Visit Yeo's website and go to Yeo's Reunion Delicacies page:

<> or <>

Step 3:

─ Choose one of the recipes from Yeo's Reunion Delicacies and cook with any of Yeo's/ Cintan/ Tong Nam product.

Step 4:

─ Snap a picture of your dish with Yeo's/ Cintan/ Tong Nam product(s) used.

Step 5:

─ Upload the picture and write the dish name in the comment section under the contest post within the Contest Period: <>.

Step 6:

─ Tag 3 of your Facebook friends.

3.3 Photo that is not original such as visual being Photoshop, or taken from the internet will be disqualified.




Weekly Grand Prize:

─ Reunion Dinner Table worth RM888 x 1 winner x 6 weeks

(Prize Redemption Period: Friday, 1st February 2019 at 12.01am until Sunday, 31st March 2019 at 11.59pm)

Weekly Prizes:

─ Shopping Voucher worth RM200 X 8 winners X 6 weeks

Start Date:

10 December, 2018

End Date:

20 January, 2019

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