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(Peraduan telah berakhir) Lee Kum Kee Share & Win

Have some awesome recipes of your own? Double the happiness by sharing! Enter "The Most Liked Recipe Prize" competition, being held across in 11 countries/regions*, and potentially win HK$130,000. Share and win now!

Participation Steps:

  1. Upload your Dish Photo with Lee Kum Kee’s sauces / seasonings used
  2. Share your Recipe Details
    (Ingredients, sauces, cooking steps, preparation and cooking time)
  3. Provide your Contact Information


  • The Best Recipe Prize x 1: HK$130,000 in cash or equivalent value
    (Selected from the Top 3 most “Liked” recipes from each country/region by the judging panel). 
  • The Most Liked Recipe Prize x 11: HK$13,000 in cash or equivalent value
    (One Prize for each country/region, decided by the most popular vote)


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1 Ogos, 2018

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31 Oktober, 2018

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