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(Peraduan telah berakhir) NIVEA MEN WIN PRIZES WORTH UP TO RM30,000.

NIVEA MEN presents the e-MYpadang Championship. Join now by purchasing a NIVEA MEN product and stand a chance to be named the FIFA Online 3 Champion of Malaysia.

Participation Steps:


1 VS 1 Mode

Matches are set to 6 minutes

Time: Night Weather: Sunny

● At any time of the game, the number of defenders will not exceed 5 defenders.

● Only players designated as GK can be played as the GK. Putting an outfield player as GK is not allowed.

● In game facilities such as Staff, VIP Players and Club Facilities are not allowed.

● A player can pause the game for in-game player or strategy changes only in these situations :Goal out, foul, throw in, corner kick, or restart on the center circle. The player will be disqualified if caught pausing two times in a single match when it’s not a dead ball situation. However, the victim will need to provide screenshots or video to prove the foul play/incident. Doing it once on the first match doesn’t bring forward to the next match




e-MYpadang Championship by Nivea has a total prize pool of RM 30,000 for the Grand Final . Prize Distribution as shown below:


1st Placing 5,000

2nd Place 3,500

3rd Place 1,500


1. Gaming accessories: Consolation for 20 pax worth RM 6,000

2. Retailer-Exclusive Prize Pool - Total worth of RM 14, 000

Tarikh Mula:

23 September, 2018

Tarikh Akhir:

11 November, 2018

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