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(活动已结束) Watsons Win RM8,888 Now!
Produce and post a creative video for Watsons

Participation Info 参加信息:


  1. 申请成为Watsons VIP会员。
  2. 登录 下载 #happybeautifulyear官方歌曲。
  3. 观看以上视频,揣摩视频中的舞蹈,然后以#happybeautifulyear官方歌曲作为背景歌曲,自创一段不超过60秒的创意舞蹈视频。
  4. 把视频上传至Facebook并标签 #happybeautifulyear #watsonsmalaysia。请设定此视频为公开状态。
  5. 把参赛视频的Facebook视频链接,上传到及填写个人资料。
  6. 每人只有一次参赛机会,截止日期为2018年2月24日,晚上11点59分。
  7. 最多人观看的视频,将获得RM8,888的Watsons VIP 分数。


  1. Register your Watsons VIP member card.
  2. Visit to download the official #happybeautifulyear song.
  3. Watch the sample video on the website and record a dance clip based on your creativity, and set the song as the background music. Your video shall not exceed 60sec.
  4. Post your video on Facebook with the official hashtag #happybeautifulyear #watsonsmalaysia. Facebook post has to be set as opened to public viewing.
  5. Submit your entry on by uploading your video URL, Watsons VIP card number and contact details.
  6. Each member is only allowed 1 (one) submission, to be submitted by 24 February 2018, 11.59pm
  7. The most viewed wins RM8,888 worth of Watsons VIP points.


Prize Info 奖项信息:

最多人观看的视频,将获得RM8,888的Watsons VIP 分数。


The most viewed wins RM8,888 worth of Watsons VIP points.

Terms and conditions 条款和条件:


For full terms and conditions visit the official site.

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