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(活动已结束) G.I. Joe Adventure Camp Build Your Faction Contest - Win RM5000!

G.I. Joe Adventure Camp hidden base has been discovered in Malaysia Tourism City, Kuala Linggi. Cobra is now planning an attack on Joe to wipe them off the radar entirely. With both teams on equal strength, getting new talented faction leaders and recruits will be the deciding factor for this battle.

👇*How to participate:*👇

1. Like G.I. Joe Adventure Camp Facebook Page
2. Pick your affiliation: Joe or Cobra
3. Give your Faction a Name, share the post, and recruit as many friends as you can by tagging them.

👀*Example of Participation:*👀

Affiliation: Joe
Faction Name: Aaron's Ark
Recruits: @Aaron @Tim @Arnold @Sarah @Felix

💣*Terms & Conditions:* 💣

🕛 Contest Ends: 26 May 2020 🕛

By participating, you agree to abide to all the terms and conditions of the contest listed in the link below.

Check T&Cs: